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Our Team

Hazel 1.jpeg

Hazel McShane

Our resident scientist with a first-class Masters degree in Physics and Innovation. Before becoming a kickass co-founder of PEEQUAL, Hazel worked in research and development for FemTech company, Elvie. As 50% of the PEEQUAL dynamic duo, Hazel is at the helm of the business leading our strategy, investment, and growth plan. 

Amber 1.jpeg

Amber Probyn

With a Masters degree in Anthropology and Innovation, Amber really understands what makes people tick. Before becoming a badass co-founder of PEEQUAL, Amber worked as a design consultant with the likes of IKEA and Sony, supporting them in the delivery of greater user experience innovation. As the other 50% of PEEQUAL's dynamic duo, Amber is the Captain of design, research and development. 

Daisy 1.jpeg

Daisy Cooper

Events Manager

With an abundance of festival management experience under her belt, as a qualified nurse, Daisy returned to the NHS frontline when COVID-19 hit the UK. But now she's back and joins the PEEQUAL team to lead on all things festival related. Daisy is in charge of sales, logistics, recruitment, and ensuring every squatter has a wonderful experience.

Favourite (1).jpg

Harry Bishop

Marketing Manager

With a Masters degree in Marketing & Communications, Harry has managed public relations and brand experience for global brands like Haagen-Dazs, Everyman Cinema, and tech giant, BenQ. Harry is our go-to guru for all things creative including our brand strategy, press and media engagement, UX design, and social media.

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