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For their degree, Hazel McShane and Amber Probyn were tasked with coming up with a solution to a real-world problem. They come up with the idea of a portable women's urinal based on their experience in long queues at music festivals. 

PEEQUAL is officially born and registered on Companies House with Hazel and Amber working on the venture, any spare minute they have. Their mission is defined as achieving pee equality that is quick, safe, and sustainable. 

With a prototype model, PEEQUAL provide women's urinals at their first music festival, Shambala. A resounding success, press around the world covers the news story of a women's urinal being invented in the UK. 

With this success under their belt, Hazel and Amber open for investment and raise an astonishing £250,000, enabling them to work full-time on the venture, manufacture permanent units, and expand the team. 

PEEQUAL attend six of the UK's favourite music festivals including Glastonbury, Wilderness, Green Man, and Shambala. The One Show's Glastonbury report covers PEEQUAL and Hazel and Amber are invited to be interviewed on BBC4's Woman's Hour. 

Research carried out shows that 95% of women would use a women's urinal again with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.8/5!

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