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In its first year at Shambala, PEEQUAL had twenty one urinals split across six locations. These were built and installed a day before the festival started, however, we are able to set the units up in a couple of hours thanks to our simple flat-pack design.  


Over the course of the festival, they were used by thousands of festival going women, thousands of times. Despite this traffic, the urinal units at both sites remained clean across the bank holiday weekend with deep cleaning happening on Saturday morning and Monday morning. 


PEEQUAL staff and volunteers - lovingly known as PEEQUAL pioneers - staffed the facilities throughout the duration of the festival. As a new addition to the festival, their job was to educate, encourage, and keep users safe throughout. Our volunteer model ensured that Shambala attendees were safe across the entire bank holiday weekend. 



‘The PEEQUAL female urinals have gone down a treat with our squatting urinators at Shambala Festival. The units were bright, fun and welcoming with an attendant to help manage queues during busy periods. The nature of the units meant that it was a quick in and out, rather than long queueing for a dark toilet cubicle. Amber, Hazel & the team are an absolute pleasure to work with and we very much look forward to working with them again at the next one.’

Christine Dent

Production Manager at Kambe Events


‘Being a PEEQUAL pioneer has been a truly empowering experience. It was great to see the Shambala festival goers enjoy getting their squat on and using the PEEQUALs: their confidence grew and grew over the weekend, and they were eager for more in the future. I loved chatting to the women and sharing the mission. The team was also so friendly and welcoming, and we had plenty of time to have a boogie and enjoy the festival. I can’t recommend getting involved enough!

Amy Ritchie

PEEQUAL Festivals Intern

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