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In its first year at Wilderness, PEEQUAL had thirty urinals equally split across five sites at the festival. These were built and installed two days before the festival started. However, we are able to set the units up in less than a day thanks to our simple flat-pack design.  


Over the course of the festival, they were used by thousands of women, thousands of times. Despite this constant traffic, the urinal units at every site remained clean and hygienic throughout the entire weekend.


PEEQUAL’s volunteers - lovingly known as PEEQUAL Pioneers - staffed the facilities for the duration of the festival. As a new addition to the festival, their job was to educate, encourage, and keep users safe throughout. Our volunteer model ensured that Wilderness goers had peace of mind that they were in a safe, hygienic, and private space.



‘After road testing PEEQUAL at Glastonbury, we were keen to offer women’s urinals to our own customers. We were delighted to welcome a solution which genuinely provides equality within sanitation provision at festivals - and our customers loved it. The PEEQUAL units are worlds apart from previous versions of the concept- they are pleasant and easy to use. I also love the fact that the area provides a safe and clean space, catering to the specific needs of women.’

Joanna Mountain

Creative Consultant, Wilderness Festival 2022


‘Volunteering with PEEQUAL was one of the most enjoyable festival experiences I’ve ever had! From start to finish the team was welcoming, accommodating, and professional. It was fantastic being able to chat to women and see how popular the PEEQUALs became over the weekend- smiles all round! It really was an amazing experience I would recommend to anyone. I was able to enjoy the festival in my own time, make new friends with other volunteers, and be a part of something truly rewarding!’

Biz Buckle

PEEQUAL Volunteer

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