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Our mission
Pioneer pee-equality that is quick, safe and sustainable.

PEEQUAL has been designed by women for women, check out our Instagram below 

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PEEQUAL's kickass design features

Touch free and open air

Make your event more covid safe

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Queue busting

Generate more revenue for your event when women aren’t waiting in the queue.

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Green and Sustainable

Our patent pending flat-pack design allows x6 more urinals to fit on an articulated lorry than portable toilets reducing your event's carbon footprint.

Made from sea plastics, we repurpose waste from the sea.


Gender equaliser

Provide equal access to facilities for your attendees. It’s time to treat women's time as important as men’s.



The wedge is the building block for all other layouts either as a circle or straight line. 

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Additional safe space

PEEQUAL provides an additional safe space at your event to increase safety for women.

PEEQUAL can go on forever and ever...

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Customer testimonials

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We loved having Peequal at Love Saves! Our customers enjoyed using them and thought they were a great addition to the festivalPauline Bourdon, Sustainability Manager for Love Saves The Day

‘Excellent! The best solution I have seen, we look forward to having PEEQUAL back next year’ Christine Dent, Site Manager for Shambala 

Very impressed,  we look forward to seeing PEEQUAL back' Ian Storrar, FOD Half Marathon Site Manager for the Rotary Club


"So funky, so different. I'm cheering you on!"

-Chris Ruder, CEO of Spikeball

“A really useful concept and the live event industry should know about it.” -Austen Hawkins, former Director Association of Exhibition Organisers


“This would be great at any festivals” -Jim Baggott, Harvey Goldsmith Enterprises


“Amber & Hazel’s Peequal looks brilliant" -George Ferguson, previous Bristol Mayor

Check out what women think of PEEQUAL:


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