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UK's First
Women's Urinal

Female Toilet queues are wasting hours of women's lives. Imagine what women could do with all that extra time? 

At PEEQUAL we are going to find out. 

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Portable Toilet

6 X faster to use

PEEQUAL's fresh design is 6x quicker to use compared to a lockable toilet!

We want women to get back to the event they paid for.

Image by trevor pye

6 X easier to transport

PEEQUAL is a flatpack urinal. A typical lorry can fit 6 PEEQUAL urinals compared to one portable toilet.

PEEQUAL is committed to reducing our environmental impact. It was designed with sustainability at the forefront.

Summer Festival

3 X more space saving at the event

Compared to a portable toilet, PEEQUAL's footprint only takes up a third of the space.

PEEQUAL's design provides another unique space at the event. It's space-saving quality allows more room for the fun stuff, bars stall and stages!