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The UK's First
Women's Urinal

As seen on the BBC...

Toilet queues are wasting hours of women's lives. Imagine what women could do with all that extra time? 

At PEEQUAL we are going to find out. 


Our mission

Pioneer pee-equality that is safe, sanitary and sustainable.

The Women's Urinal  

PEEQUAL's kick ass design features


Touch free and open air

10 fewer touch points than public toilets

These features have been proven to significantly increase sanitation and hygiene standards, making it safe for users by providing a COVID-friendly solution.

Queue busting

6x quicker to use

Our design is 6x more efficient than a lockable toilet, giving women everywhere equal access to the loo, safely.



3 layouts to fit any space

The wedge is the building block for all other configurations. Either as a circle or straight-line where it can go on forever and ever.

100% Recycled and Recyclable 

Manufactured in Birmingham

Our design is sustainable, made from 100% recycled materials and after its 8-year life cycle it can be fully recycled, closing the loop. PEEQUAL is manufactured locally to further limit its environmental impact.

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Flat pack design

6x more efficient to pack

Using Reading festival as an example (capacity 105,000) we would save them 70 articulated lorries.

Safe space

Well-lit and staffed.

PEEQUAL provides an additional safe space at an event that would increase safety for women.

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