The UK’s multi-award-winning women’s urinal on a mission to pioneer pee-equality.


How does it work?

Women regularly wait up to 34X longer than men just to use the toilet.
Our gender equalising women’s urinals get women out of the cross-legged queue
with our revolutionary urinals that are 3X quicker to use than regular portable toilets.

Find out more about how it works and discover the six steps
to achieving that personal peequality you’ve been waiting for.

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Our clients

What clients have to say!

  • “At Glastonbury, the reaction from the public was amazing! They were so well received and people just want to see more of them.”

    John Gould

  • “We love working with PEEQUAL! The synergy in our work, combined with PEEQUAL’s passion for equality, naturally brings us together at festivals throughout the summer”

    Rachel Marshall
    WaterAid Senior Festivals Officer (Operations and Logistics)

  • “I was delighted to see how much queues in their areas were reduced, how excited people were to use them, and how well they were received online.”

    Alex Lane
    Operations and Procurement Manager at Green Man

What users have to say!

Not convinced? See what a variety of fun loving festival
goers had to say about their experience using a PEEQUAL.

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