Our kick-ass patented features mean
we stand out from all the rest as the leading choice for events and festivals.



PEEQUAL gets the 90% of women who just need to pee out of these long toilet queues and back to enjoying the events they love with our superfast squat & go urinals are 3X quicker to use than regular portable toilets.


Our innovative urinals are touch free to prevent the spread of harmful germs and open air to enable healthy airflow and ventilation (whilst also preventing lingering smells). Our staff regularly clean and disinfect the urinals and hand sanitiser is always available.


Lightweight and standalone, our urinals can be configured to suit different requirements, spaces, and terrains: full circles, semi-circles, or linear, whatever you need, we can do it.


Our urinals are manufactured locally in Somerset and are made from a sugar cane biopolymer and recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. In addition to this, we also invest in UK wildlife projects such as our ‘Get Your Bush Out’ reforestation campaign.


We are proud to be an additional safe space for women at outdoor events with full coverage from the waist down and staff to keep women safe.


Our patented flat pack design allows more units to fit into an articulated lorry than any other portable toilet on the market, meaning reduced transport costs and significantly less CO2. On top of that, a PEEQUAL urinal can be erected by a single person in under 90 seconds.

How does it work?

Women regularly wait up to 34X longer than men just to use the toilet.
Our gender equalising women’s urinals get women out of the cross-legged queue
with our revolutionary urinals that are 3X quicker to use than regular portable toilets.

Find out more about how it works and discover the six steps
to achieving that personal peequality you’ve been waiting for.


We get it, we’re the new kid on the block! Of course you’ve got some questions. Can’t find your answer here? Get in touch and let’s chat!

Are your urinals safe to use?

Rest assured, PEEQUAL urinals are designed with safety as a top priority, providing a secure and comfortable experience for all users. Our friendly volunteers are always on hand if you need help of any kind.

What do I do if I need a poo?

We recommend using nearby facilities which are made for that purpose – PEEQUAL urinals are just for wees. We understand that accidents happen, though, and please be assured that we regularly clean our urinal units to maintain a pleasant environment for all users.