We think our urinals are great but don’t just take our word for it, check out what these folks think of us!

Two joyful women embracing in a friendly hug outdoors, one with curly hair in a black tank top and the other wearing a high-visibility vest, both smiling under a clear blue sky.


In its second year at Glastonbury, PEEQUAL doubled up from last year and had 80 women’s urinal units across the festival site. We had two locations for the units at the Pyramid Stage, one at Arcadia and one at The Stone Circle. 

Our simple flat-pack design enabled us to set up all 80 units in just a couple of days. 

We’ll definitely be using PEEQUAL again and I hope other festivals will take it onboard and make space for them.

Jane Healy, Glastonbury Festival Sanitation Manager

PEEQUAL’s team was joined once again by brilliant WaterAid volunteers to staff the facilities throughout the festival. This enabled thousands of women to use the urinal units thousands of times without facing any lingering mess or nasty smells. 

Our team and the volunteers educated and encouraged users, ensuring that they felt secure. The volunteer model ensured that Glastonbury attendees had peace of mind that they were in a safe, hygienic and private space. 

We’ve loved working with Peequal, the most sustainable and easy to use female urinal on the market

Rachel Marshall, WaterAid Senior Festivals Officer (Operations and Logistics)


  • “At Glastonbury the reaction from the public was amazing, they were received so well and people want to see more of them!”

    Jane Healy
    Glastonbury Festival Sanitation Manager

  • “The synergy in our work with Peequal’s passion for equality brought us together at festivals across the summer, and we’ll continue to work together to make sure everyone, everywhere has a decent place to pee.”

    Rachel Marshall
    WaterAid Senior Festivals Officer (Operations and Logistics)

  • “It was truly wonderful to play a very small part in the huge success of PEEQUAL at Glastonbury. It was a privilege to be able to tell everyone a little bit about your wonderful innovation. ”

    Aly Moody
    WaterAid Volunteer

  • “I’ve been volunteering with Oxfam stewarding for 29 years now at Glastonbury Festival and they are the best loos so far!”

    Liz O’Nions
    Glastonbury Festival attendee



A joyful woman in a high-visibility vest leans over the top of a vibrant orange Peequal urinal, with a clear blue sky in the background.

Pride 2023

Four cheerful women in high-visibility vests taking a group selfie, with a construction vehicle and portable toilets in the background at an outdoor event.