Helpful Information

How does PEEQUAL work?

PEEQUAL is a semi squat design. We are currently developing a HOW TO diagram to demonstrate how PEEQUAL’s will be used. Watch this space!

Is toilet roll provided?

Yes! We provide toilet paper in each wedge of PEEQUAL. We do ask for the toilet paper to be separated into the bin provided as we want to recycle the urine!

Are there hooks for bags and clothing?

Yes! There will be hooks inside of each wedge.

Are there hand washing facilities? 

We will provide hand sanitiser.

What to do if you need to poo?

Our urinal is for pee only! We have signage and posters on the product to communicate how it is used, however, we understand that this is a change of behaviour and might take some time to get used to. We encourage people to use the other facilities for anything more than a pee, but we will clean the product effectively in the case of a poo/blockage.

Safety? Security? No lockable doors?

PEEQUAL has been designed with the safety and security of women at the forefront. 

PEEQUAL has specific design features:

Raised platform: when squatting it removes the feeling of vulnerability.

No door: overlapping screen that makes entering the unit touch-free.

Staff: we want to staff the PEEQUAL’s with a team to guide users and help if necessary as well as be present..

Separate safe space: we want our urinals to exist in their own safe space, a sectioned off area much like male urinals.

Where does the pee go? What happens to the pee?

Women squat over the pedestal to pee and the urine goes into the tank below. The waste tank is cleaned regularly by waste removal teams.
We are partnering with a Bristol-based start-up PeePower, who use microbial fuel cells to turn urine into electricity which we hope will power the lighting for our urinals!