Good for the planet?

Yes, a pee in a women’s urinal is good for the planet! Find out how here…

Two individuals in high-visibility vests and casual attire proudly hold up a sign reading

PEEQUAL urinals are made of plastic removed from the ocean

You may be asking yourself how a pee could be good for the planet. When they were solving the problem of loo queues at festivals, our founders asked themselves just the same thing! That’s why PEEQUAL urinals are made of plastic removed from the ocean and sugar cane based biopolymer. Who knew a pee could help clean the ocean? 

It’s not just fish that benefit when you use PEEQUAL. Woodland birds are happily nibbling away at their lunch because of our partnership with GreenTheUK and the Royal Forestry Society. The 600 climate resilient trees planted as a result of our investment in this UK wildlife project have created a storm shelter for a woodland area that lots of woodland birds like to feed in. It also provides a sheltered route for animals travelling between habitats, also known as a ‘wildlife highway’!

“your pee could help a plant to grow

Our urinals also need to travel between festivals. To ensure that this has as little impact on the climate as possible, they’ve been made in a flat pack design. This means that we can fit more onto lorries than other toilets — fewer vehicles on the road makes for a happier planet! 

Mother nature’s also a big fan of fertiliser, and we’re in discussions with a company to turn the thousands of litres of pee we collect into fertiliser. That means your pee could help a plant to grow some day… How cool is that? 

Our vision for the future

We’re working towards a future in which women don’t have to queue for the loo. We know that the only way to achieve that future is through sustainable means. That’s why each bird that’s helped and every bit of the plastic that’s removed from the ocean is as important to us as peequality.