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Runners in particular know the value of being able to go for a quick wee without having to wait forever in a queue – they’ve got a race to get to! This is why PEEQUAL was so proud to provide our urinals to the London Marathon for a second year in a row this year, saving more women from having to sacrifice vital time before their race.

Our kickass co-founders Amber and Hazel saw the gender inequality that exists between the amount of time it takes men to pee versus women, and they decided to do something about it. That “something” is PEEQUAL, which has become a must not just for festivals, but for running events now, too! 

PEEQUAL has quickly become the gold standard for events because it addresses a critical need with an innovative yet simple solution – urinals are just as much of an essential for runners who squat to pee as they are for runners who pee while standing up.

PEEQUAL is not just a symbolic gesture for events to show that they care about gender equality, either. As you can tell from the feedback in this video, it makes a real difference to runners’ experience of events like the London Marathon. By significantly reducing wait times, PEEQUAL ensures that everyone can focus on what really matters; running!


You heard it from them! #LondonMarathon runners are fans of PEEQUAL 😎 Are we the best thing since sliced bread?? 🍞 #fyp #foryou #tcslondonmarathon

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Best thing since sliced bread!

London Marathon attendee

Having PEEQUAL at events like the London Marathon sets a benchmark for other events to follow. It shows a commitment to practical and sustainable solutions that improve the experience for all participants.

So, whether you’re a marathon runner or an event organiser, embracing PEEQUAL is a step towards ensuring everyone can perform at their best without unnecessary delays. If you want to find out more about how our women’s urinals improve the impact of events on the planet as well as on people, you can read about that in our previous blog post. Our co-founders know the importance of sustainability to the future of events, so they designed our women’s urinals with this at the forefront of their minds.